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Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. (AIR) is a privately owned, independent company dedicated to providing quality multi-line claims administrative services (commonly referred to as a Third Party Administrator or “TPA”) and providing a stop-loss market to those employers seeking an alternative to a traditional insurance program. We offer our employees a work environment that generates enthusiasm, motivation, and an opportunity for personal growth.

Quality service does still exist. You will find it at Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc.

Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. (AIR) has experience in the design and management of self-funded medical and dental plans. While self-funding is not for everyone, self-funding through AIR can be profitable to employer groups as small as 50 employees.

Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. (AIR) provides a comprehensive administrative services package to each of its clients. As an independent Third Party Administrator (TPA), it is our objective to provide our services in such a way that minimizes administrative burden of plan management for our clients. We also provide administrative services for self funded workers compensation programs in some states.

Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code allows employers to establish a plan where employees are allowed to benefit from significant tax savings by setting aside money for their medical and dependent care expenses each year. Employees benefit by saving Federal, State, Social Security, and Medicare taxes on each and every paycheck.

Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. (AIR) also provides Consulting Services for group health plans as well as WORK SITE MARKETING PRODUCTS for your voluntary employee benefit needs.

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