About Us


Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc. (AIR, Inc.) is a privately held company that was formed in 1997 to offer its clients alternatives to traditional health insurance, management of other employee benefits such as vision, dental, life and disability as well as providing administrative services for self-funded worker’s compensation programs.


AIR has a very diverse client base. We have employer groups with under 50 employees to employer groups who have over 1000 employees. These employer groups have employees throughout the United States as well as around the world. As a third party administrator we provide comprehensive administrative packages designed specifically to fit the needs of each of these clients.


Our administrative team has over 200 years of experience in the field of employee benefits. We have a staff that includes employees who have been with AIR since its founding days and several others who have been with AIR for over 10 years.   


In addition to self-funding we can provide a variety of options to employer groups to help them manage the spiraling cost of health care. We have the resources and staff to help our clients design benefit programs that meet the needs of their employees, are ACA compliant, and help the employer keep their insurance programs affordable and timely.  We have staff to help our clients navigate the myriad of federal regulations and help them be compliant with these regulations.


AIR has a broad network of industry partners that allows us to provide the best plan design, cost-effectiveness, ease of administration and services for each client.  


We utilize a state of the art claims system that allows not only accurate auto-adjudication of most claims but flexibility in plan design, reporting and eligibility.


Our customer service is second to none.  In addition to a dedicated customer service team, our client participants and providers have 24/7 access to eligibility, claims status and benefits. Concerns that cannot be addressed electronically will always be handled by a courteous, knowledgeable customer service representative. AIR’s dedicated staff of employees prides itself on providing exemplary service to each client’s Human Resources and Personnel Departments as well their employees.  

Quality service does still exist.

You will find it at Alternative Insurance Resources, Inc.