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Wellness Initiatives

The goal of our Wellness Initiatives is to assist our customers in helping their plan participants improve their health.  Our approach is comprehensive and integrated.  Once we evaluate your health plan, we will develop wellness initiatives that will help reduce potentially catastrophic chronic health conditions.

Most current brokers and third party administrators’ approach health plan management AFTER a catastrophic claim has been incurred by a plan participant.  Many health plan administrators do a reasonable job of managing a catastrophic claim after the claim has been incurred by negotiating provider discounts and continuing large claim management.  AIR’s goal is different -  we want to work with our customers to identify the potential catastrophic claimant BEFORE they incur the large, expensive high dollar claims.  We accomplish this goal by developing Health Risk Assessment programs, lab screenings, ongoing disease management and where group size warrants, on-site clinics.

Identifying and managing a potential catastrophic claim has tremendous benefits to not only the participant, but to our customers.  Obviously eliminating or reducing a catastrophic claim directly saves the health plan money, but improving the health of the plan participant decreases absenteeism and productivity.

Disease Management Today

  • Disease Management Programs have grown from $78million in 1997 to $1.2 billion in 2004
  • Ten percent of covered individuals account for 70% of health care spending.
  • There are 129 million people with chronic conditions in 2005, expected to grow 32% to 171 million in 2030.
  • Obesity is the fastest growing problem facing health care insurers.  Annual medical costs for overweight and obese employees are about $1500 per year more than healthy employees.
  • Employers are now recognizing the benefits of Disease Management Programs.
  • Incentives for employees to participate in Disease Management Programs are increasing.
  • Payments or credits of $100 or more increases participation by 50%.
  • Reduction in health insurance premiums or cash incentives increases participation by 90%.
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